Plug&Chain emerged as a project idea within the research and development department at ARCbcn, a reference for innovation and sustainability. Back in 2019, we were searching for an innovative solution led by the latest technologies in the energy sector, mainly IoTs and blockchain. Having generated sufficient knowledge in prior projects on renewable energy systems and solar photovoltaics in particular, we were looking at smart energy management solutions that can overcome common issues like energy storage and the overproduction associated with self-consumption.


As our research delved deeper, we realized that one of the most promising avenues for achieving our sustainability goals was the concept of energy communities. This concept brought together all our prior knowledge and ideas into a cohesive vision. Energy communities represented a way to empower individuals and businesses to collectively manage their energy resources and consumption efficiently, reducing waste and environmental impact. The idea of leveraging all these concepts together to participate in a project that could transform the energy landscape excited us immensely.


Motivated by creating such innovative solutions and with an aim to steer the energy sector towards sustainability by aligning renewable energy generation with demand, ARCbcn presented a project to the INNO ESPAMAROC ENERGY program through CDTI, the Center for Industrial Technological Development. The project, titled “Plug&Chain,” was submitted in February 2019, and after rigorous evaluation, in September of that same year, it received definitive approval from CDTI, both technically and financially.


The decision to create Plug&Chain as a startup was a natural progression. We recognized that the project had immense potential to not only revolutionize the energy sector but also to create a viable business model. Our team was passionate about translating our research into a practical solution that could benefit society and the environment while also generating sustainable revenue. This is how Plug&Chain was born, giving way to ARCbcn’s first spin-off: from the visualization of a market niche with potential to be exploited within the renewable energy sector, and above all from the motivation to create a unique project that can change the course of our planet towards a greener future.








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